About Ellison Berry

Ellison Berry is broken down into four primary practice groups: investments, finance, consulting and corporate services.

In the investment practice we handled search for operations staff, client service, sales, investment management and research professionals. Our firm has extensive experience working with asset management companies, as well as boutique investment managers/wealth advisors, private client, venture capital, private equity and Insurance firms. We have assisted these firms in locating the top talent in their industry.

Within our finance practice, we place finance professionals within the investment management and financial services industry. Due to our true understanding of the type of finance professional it takes to work within the financial services field, we believe that we bring a level of expertise that many firms do not possess.

With in our management consulting practice we work with both internal as well as external consultants. With a strong understanding of the financial world we have helped our clients in locating and hiring senior financial, strategic management and risk management professionals. These individuals help to identify, design and implement their strategy to help grow the firms overall business objectives.

Our corporate services group provides on-sight strategic and recruiting services provided on a project basis. We assist clients in developing a recruiting strategy to best market themselves in the vertical that they wish to develop. Our expertise in the field allows us to help our clients define their market strategy for talent acquisition.